They found abandoned puppy tortured and covered in burns at dog park


When I see animals being mistreated I get a feeling of rage inside. The perpetrator uses the trust that animals have for humans and does physical harm to them. Each case gets harder and harder to hear.

When Phoenix arrived he had been burned from his head to the middle of his back. He was in immense pain and had to be heavily sedated. He was quickly wrapped in gauze in attempts to slow the infection that had already begun to set in.

Animal cruelty is not view as a minor offense and depending on the case it can land the offender in the jail for 2-10 years.

The Sheriff’s Department said they have some strong leads, and they believe this hideous offense was carried out by more than one person.

Not only does this type of cruelty carry a hefty fine of $10,000, but these acts of pure disgust are perpetrated on defenseless animals. These are considered third degree felonies. Even through the combined efforts of law enforcement, shelters and volunteers to end this senseless abuse it continues to happen.

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