These Dogs Had The Most Adorable Reaction Once They Learned Where They Were Going


While there are some dogs who are blissfully unaware of the world around them and are known for going with the flow, there are other dogs who are very perceptive and know exactly what is going on. The dogs in this video are hyper aware and once they realize where they are going, the reaction that takes place is one of the most incredibly adorable things that we have seen recently.

Their human provides us with a little bit of backstory, so that we can understand their level of excitement. This past summer, the owner had decided to bring the dogs (in addition to his parents’ dogs) down to a quarry. They had been visiting the quarry since they were puppies and since they have positive memories of this location, they are always psyched to go there.

These dogs have been to the quarry so many times, they know when they are close before it is even in their eyesight. According to their owner, the dogs start to freak out (in the best possible way) because of their immense excitement once they know where they are headed. Once the dogs are aware of where they are headed, they are not willing to pipe down until they’ve arrived at the quarry.

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