These Dogs Are About To Go Home From ‘Daycare’ In The Sweetest Way Possible


Nova Scotia has a town called Cape Breton, there are lots of cozy houses, spacious streets, like everything in a normal suburb. However, there is something unusual in the town. Early in the morning when all the kids are going to school and adults to work the streets passing the yellow bus, in which drive dogs.

The animals are wearing small backpacks, and they are fun to jump into the salon. Pets go on the bus to a special dog school. Rachel Hagge and Wayne Devaux founded the center for “Good Dog Boarding Kennels” in 2011. They felt that loving owners do not have to lock their Pets at home, so I opened for them a special school.

The school offers almost all as humans. In the morning, the bus driver takes the dogs and puts them in boxes for transportation. At school, they all begin with a change, during which they simply communicate with each other and get acquainted with new students.