The year of the wonderful life of a cute puppy


If you compare with man, animals have time to grow and Mature much faster. After birth it took 4 hours. The puppy will be rotated in the desired direction. The strongest feeling among the small dog will touch.

A puppycan crawl up to his mother. Near they both draw comfort from. 7 days. The little dog still needs the help and protection of the mother. Almost all the time she sleeps, the remaining time-eating. The mother constantly licks the cub, encouraging him to release urine and feces.

In the wild it eats these allocations not to find the location of posterity. 14 days: Puppy can still rise on all four hoisted and try to do the first clumsy steps. 8-10 days begins to see the surrounding objects. On 12-13 is beginning to hear.