The dog refuses to be withdrawn from the kennel


This story involves a beautiful 8-year-old German Shepherd named Maverick, who was left behind at the Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena – by his former owner. The German Shepherd was so devastated that he refused to even make eye contact with anyone in the shelter. Fortunately, he has found a loving family and a new home thanks to a successful adoption – with a farm that houses horses, goats, chickens and other dogs. This video documents the German Shepherd taking a step in beginning that journey to a new forever home.

After being literally dumped at the shelter, Maverick became so distraught that he wouldn’t even look at staff members in the eye, driving himself deeper into isolation. Maverick needed a ‘freedom walk’ badly, which involves a dog finally getting out of his pen at the shelter and into the arms of a new, loving and caring family. Maverick remains cautious at first, but warms up to his new owners after a few loving pets and pats on the tummy and head. Maverick is finally going home at last, but he’s not so sure yet.

The German Shepherd’s new family had previously arrived at the shelter, hoping to adopt a dog. They chose Maverick, and pledged to take great care of him.

Although he was frightened at first, Maverick slowly began to gain hope, a spring in his step and his eyes slowly brightened up. He realized that he was going somewhere better – he was getting adopted!

As Maverick heads into his new family’s car, you could tell that he was a different dog. He no longer looks depressed and helpless, and even looks relaxed while the vehicle drives away from the shelter!

Watch Maverick’s first freedom walk below!

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