The Cutest Police Dog in Training || ViralHog


Official dogs in police today are used on a number of directions. Four-legged are used in patrol and guard service, many animals are involved in ensuring safety on transport and in the organization of mass events. And dogs are irreplaceable assistants to forensic experts. Dog dressed as departmental orders and instructions are considered as non-lethal weapons.

A trained dog can smell drugs or explosives and point to a person with such a dangerous cargo. A service dog will help a police officer to detain an offender who poses a threat to others. It is primarily about armed criminals or persons behaving inadequately and aggressively. In addition, the dog next to the COP is having a psychological impact on others.

According to the head of the Department for the training of specialist dog handlers and trained sniffer dogs of the Zonal centre of dog service, a rare person refuses to fulfil lawful demands of the police officer and will become aggressive to contradict him, if at the sentry on the leash a service dog. By the way, one of the main goals of training service dogs for patrol is to minimize possible harm to humans. Well-trained and physically strong shepherd during the arrest can cause serious injuries, therefore the main requirement to the dog the instant the command “let go!”.