The Cutest Newborn Puppies & Kittens Weekly


The period of his life from birth to 12 days of age is called neonatal. The newborn is still quite helpless-he can not maintain the temperature of his body. He constantly needs the presence of his mother, who feeds him with her milk and warms with its warmth.

She must massage his tummy with her tongue so that he can liberate his intestines. He sees and hears, he does not have enough developed sense of smell, taste and touch. From the variety of the external world for him, only one thing is important – to distinguish the smell of the mother. It reacts to cold and heat, and to some extent the pain.

He can move clumsily, crawling in a circle, and turning to the sides of a heavy head, trying to determine where his mother is. It can beep if you don’t find it too long and she’ll run up to him, lick, letting him know that she was there.