The Black Death For Dogs Is On The Rise, Pet Owners Be Warned!


According to the representatives of the Royal Veterinary College, only 15-20% of dogs cope with the disease is equally dangerous to all breeds. CRGV or Alabama Rot (Alabama rot) has already killed hundreds of dogs over the past few years.

At the Veterinary Centre Bilton Veterinary Centre in Rugby (Rugby), Warwickshire (Warwickshire), confirmed: “unfortunately, we are faced with a confirmed case of the disease CRGV in our center. Because of illness, the dog died.” Most cases are reported in Hampshire, Dorset (Dorset), and Greater Manchester (Greater Manchester). The disease damages blood vessels and kidneys.

The first symptoms are redness, sores and blisters on the skin, especially on the feet, but they also occur on the face, tongue and in the mouth of the animal. The disease can lead to fatal renal failure, as may be evidenced by vomiting, poor appetite and fatigue.