The Amazing Rescue Story of a 1-day-old Abandoned Puppy Found On A Sidewalk


Abandoned newborn puppy was found on the side walk. To the people who found the baby, had a difficult task: a Newborn puppy is blind and deaf. This is a small living creature, not able to take care of himself. If you are around warmth, the puppy is quiet; puppies usually lying side by side near the belly of the mother, warming to each other.

But oslabnuv, the puppy becomes restless, starts to crawl and squeak. Referring to something by the muzzle, it immediately begins to move his head from side to side. In the same way he finds the nipples on the belly of the mother. Sucking the milk, he vigorously pushed the rear legs and moves forward, while pushing the front legs on both sides from the nipple.

Puppy characteristic reflexes of sucking characteristic of all young mammals. Sucking from the very beginning is very active, with language together with the sky as if forms a powerful suction device the funnel-shaped form. As a small child, puppy sucking keeps the tail in the same position as that of an adult dog while eating, right and slightly bent down. But they just could’t leave him alone on the street. So for now this quite found a new home and a new big dog he can play with. And this puppy will never be alone again.