Terrified Dog Never Wagged Her Tail, Then Her Foster Dad Built Her A Bedroom


Not everyone can be a foster parent of an animal, because it takes a lot of love and patience to gain the trust of the furry buddies, especially if they had been neglected and mistreated by their previous owners.

Rocky Kanaka had fostered dogs for years, but nothing could prepare him for the one he was about to lay eyes on. He was at the shelter when a staff member lifted up a bed, and this scared little dog came running out. Her name was Blossom, and she’d been rescued from a hoarding situation and taken to the shelter along with 150 other dogs.

Blossom was absolutely terrified of everything. Simply getting her out of the shelter and into a home wouldn’t be enough to fix her. She had mentally shut down and didn’t know how to act like a dog. A few weeks turned into months, and she couldn’t stop shaking.

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