Terrified And Starving Stray Puppy Makes Incredible Transformation After Being Rescued


India is a home of millions of stray dogs. Unfortunately, the treatment these animals receive is not always nice for they are considered nuisance. However, there are certain organizations which stand for the rights of these poor souls and believe that every stray dog deserves a good life with a family that can offer them love.

An organization of this type, Animal Aid Unlimited helps stray dogs who are in need of rescue. A recent case they documented is about a dog that was left alone on the street, scared and hiding from people. It was obvious he was malnourished but way too frightened to eat the biscuits the rescuers offered. Once they managed to pull him out of the bag, they could easily notice his horrible skin condition. He suffered complete hair loss and was itching and scratching because of the scabs and lesions.

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