Teacher Who Went Homeless Rather Than Give Up Her Dogs


This video actually is the end of the story. Hillary Barrows just decided to thank all who were kind enough to help her when she was in a very hard situation. So many people donated to her after her story was told in a local mass media. This 57-year-old teacher had serious life difficulties. She had to leave her apartment in France with her dear friends – 2 rescue dogs Robbie and Cleo. Robbie is an 8-year-old Egyptian Pharaoh hound and Cleo is a 5-year-old Labrador. She decided to find a new position in Denmark, but it did not work out the way she planned so she returned to her home country – UK. The woman had to stay at salvation army shelters, but the dogs were allowed to the house there. Woman also refused and preferred to live in the car with her dogs as she perceived them as members of her family. She had been living in the car for months – even in winter, when they were all literally freezing inside the vehicle. It continued until kind people helped her. She gave an interview only once and told about the embarrassment and shame she experienced during her tough period in life. When people heard the story, the response was immediate. It was like a miracle for the woman
An animal rescue shelter decided to help her and paid for the bungalow where she could live with her dogs until she got back on her feet. Then a fundraising page was opened so people from different countries could donate to help her. And they did it with pleasure. That was incredible feeling – she confesses. Not because she gets money, but because so many people care and your life changes in a moment like in a dream!