Stubborn Husky REFUSES To Get Out Of The Bathtub. When Mom Walks In? Hysterical!


The Network is gaining popularity video of how husky, settled in the bath, requires the owner to turn on the water. No what persuasion the dog can not be, from time to time from loud howl. “That’s why they say husky is stubborn!

They are very clever, but they have a low motivation to please their owners,” – said in the description of the video. You will need a huge amount of dog cookies to drive husky named Zeus out of the bath. The fact that Zeus loves not just lie in the tub, more than that he loves to play in water.

Sitting in the tub with Zeus all begged the owner to turn on the water, but instead she’s calling him out to play. In protest, the dog made a real tantrum, not wanting to leave his favorite place, not play around with water. Oh, those wacky walks in the fresh air.