Striking Commercial About A Dog


Some ads are so touching that can make you cry and this is just such video. Dogs Trust belongs to the largest dog welfare charity in the United Kingdom. It helps to find good homes for dogs and provide and better future. It is so pleasant to provide joyous life for poor pooches that suffered much. A new commercial shows a dog together with his favorite toy.
But this was not just a dog and his toy as the doll was a symbol and symbolized somebody special for whom the dog has been waiting long. Dog expected that the person would take the dog home. We see how the dog goes everywhere with it. The dog is still loyal to the person and hopes to see him again.
Watch the ending of this heart warming video. The video was made to raise awareness of hundreds of dogs that stay at Dogs Trust’s 20 rehoming centres all over the country. All of them are waiting for special person who will come and take them home.

The dog trusts that, one day, that special someone will come.