Stray Puppy Found Starving And In Desperate Need Of Help – Then A Kind Woman Saved His Life


When this little stray puppy named Elliot was found, he was starving, emaciated, scared and in desperate need of medical help. He was covered in infection and so malnourished that you could see his ribs sticking out. On top of that, he had a badly infected eye that needed immediate attention. Then an amazing woman named Daphne decided she would take him home and help him become healthy and able to survive.

After the first night, Daphne ended up fostering Elliot and giving him as much TLC as possible in the coming weeks and months. She knew it wasn’t going to be the easiest journey, but after a lot of time looking after Elliot, his health began to improve and soon the vet cleared him for adoption. The best part of this story is that Elliot was already in his forever home!

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