Stray Poodle


It is not enough to rescue the dog off the streets once. You become responsible for the creature and have to care about it always. This wasn’t so with this poor poodle that was adopted by the family. The dog had been living with them for a year and then they could not keep her any longer. The dog was thrown onto the streets again. Neglected and abandoned, poor doggy tried to fend for itself the way it could. She was very dirty, had several cuts on the body and needed treatment. The rescuers easily found the dog and approached her without any problem. It seemed that she just sat there and waited for her angel to come and care for her. And that moment arrived. When Annie gently picked up the dog, she started kissing her rescuer. Her reaction was absolutely priceless! They named her Layla, took her to the vet, where she received all necessary help. Layla is such a sweet doggy. Glad she was rescued.