Stray Mama With Broken Leg Finds The Strength To Lead Rescuers To Her Puppies


This is another rescue story with a happy ending thanks to the girls who were determined to provide help for the stray Greyhound. When they first noticed the dog, she was in a very bad shape. Her leg was broken which resulted in her limping around a neighborhood with a slow pace.

The dog named Vera was extremely skinny and undernourished and it looked like she was stressed and anxious because of something. When Lianne, her friend, and a veterinarian named Ellen Sobry took a closer look at the dog, they could see she was lactating, and that’s when they realized the dog’s anxiety. She was a mother, and her babies weren’t around. The girls knew what they had to do next.

After they provided Vera with the appropriate medical help, they took her back at the same place where they found her. They hoped she would lead them to her babies, and that’s exactly what happened.

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