Stray dog wouldn’t let anybody near her


Hope For Paws is a non-profit organization that rescues dogs in need. All who work their put their heart and soul into each mission. These are the people until they are sure that each dog is saved. Some of the rescue missions are rather challenging. Others are easier but remain long in the memory. One of such missions is the rescue of a white German Shepherd that was fed by a kind woman for months and that helped her survive on the street. Still the dog was very scared of humans, and kept that woman at a distance. When rescuers appeared. a busy highway was close and it could end tragically. They wanted to catch her with help of trap but failed to do it. So they had to tranquilize a poor doggy with a dart gun. The dog was named Venus. They managed to earn her trust at last when she woke up. Venus turned out to be a real sweetheart in the end.