Stray Dog Wanders Into A Monastery, the Monks Make Him A Cute Honorary Friar


Stories about adopted dogs are always interesting but some of them are more dramatic than others. This story will certainly attract your attention. It happened in Bolivia. This doggy was a usual stray dog until it was adopted to some very unusual place. Monks at the monastery decided that it would be a great idea to show love for animals in such way. People should love humans and animals and show this love to all creatures of earth.
Animals are defenseless and need our care. If person can show his love to defenseless creature than he can show it to anyone. Monks decided to rescue dogs every week and adopt some of them. If they do this, other church visitor will also do. It will be a good example for them. The dog Carmelo became special one. The dog even received a special attire designed for the dog. When monks uploaded photos they became viral at once!