Stray Dog Summons His Pals To Take Revenge On The Man Who Kicked Him


Karma really is… a female dog! This video is a word of warning to everyone who wants to mess with the pooches! The story took place in the Chinese city of Chongqing.

When a man returned home, he found a stray dog sleeping in his parking spot. The despicable little human got angry and kicked the dog! Obviously, the pooch didn’t like this but he gave in, and grudgingly moved out of the way. The man wasn’t even aware that that wasn’t the end of it. He can’t just mess with the pups, and not get bitten. They aren’t stupid!

A little bit later, the same pooch returned with his pals, a gang of pals, and they ruined the man’s car! The revenge is sweet as they say! The dogs destroyed the windscreen wipers, and the wheel arches!

Luckily, the neighbor captured the revenge on film, so we can all enjoy it! Way to go dogs! Don’t let anyone humiliate you!