Stray dog follows marine on foot


This story will tug at your heartstrings!

Stray dogs are common in many parts of the world, where they run rampant. Many people that travel the world do what the law there allows.

Often times it’s to no avail and the dogs are left behind. The story you are about to read is different. This stray dog refused to be forgotten and left behind by a man he loved.

Marine Major Brian Dennis was stationed in Iraq. That is when he met a stray dog who immediately won his heart. He named the dog “Nubs” because his ears had been docked.

The story was told that an Iraqi soldier cut them off so he would appear tougher. This story made the american soldier so upset. The two became best friends spending time together formed a bond between the two that was unbreakable. But Major Dennis received orders that he would be leaving soon.

Major Dennis was re-stationed over 70 miles away near the border. He said goodbye to his friend Nubs and his heart was broken. As he drove off Nubs could be seen following behind, chasing the vehicle. It was a sight that brought tears to my eyes.

But Major Dennis thought that Nubs would become tired and head back to join in stray dog companions. Never to see him again.

When the Major arrived in his new quarters a fellow marine knocked on his door. He had a huge smile on his face. He told Dennis that he had a visitor.

Guess who it was…..Nubs! He had followed behind the vehicle for 70 miles on foot so that he could be with his best friend.