Story of a Tiny Pit Bull born a little bit different


This story is about a very small but very strong pit bull puppy Sasha and the people who believed in this baby! Sasha, and Sasha challenged his difficult fate, which, it seemed, was against the fact that she lived! The life of a little Sasha was hanging by a thread from the very first seconds of birth.

She was born with a big cleft lip and couldn’t suck her mother’s milk. Man, in the house where Sasha was born, I understood that I will be able to help the girl. In fact, besides Sasha, was in a litter of other puppies, which I had to follow. We encountered many stories when in such situations, the breeder just threw these puppies.

But this girl did something completely different. Noticing deviations from Sasha, she contacted the Director of the rescue organization SNARR Animal Rescue Northeast Courtney Bellu. Courtney said she has a volunteer who can do the job. This volunteer was amazing Marie demarko.