Starving Injured Dog on Side of Road Jumps Into Rescuer’s Arms


Howl of a Dog was driving home from a veterinary clinic when the spotted an injured dog limping on side of the road.

“We pulled over and rushed toward him, trying to stop him from going any further into the thick bushes,” the animal rescuers in Romania wrote. “He was so desperate and the moment he saw us he seemed to have instantly realized we’re there to help him.”

He limped towards them and ran into a rescuer’s awaiting arms, knowing he had found people that would finally help him!

“We took him to the clinic to be examined and have an X-ray performed, but the results received were not good: he had a double fracture – the two bones of his front leg were broken and needed repair surgery. The vet estimated the fracture was at least one week old.”

“Vlad was also severely emaciated, we can only imagine how hard it was for him to survive for so many days without food and with that painful broken leg,” they wrote. “He was so hungry when we found him that he desperately grabbed a box of tissues we had in the car and tried to eat them.”

After a complicated surgery, Vlad has made a “beautiful recovery”. The young dog (around 2 years old) is “full of joy and finds so much fun in everything he does.”

Watch his heartwarming rescue in the video below.

Vlad is now fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped and ready for a forever home. “He really loves life and longs to find a home where he can live happy and smile for the rest of his life.”