Starving And Limping – This Stray Leaped Into His Rescuers Arms


The rescuers from Howl Of A Dog rescue were on their way home with another rescued dog when they spotted him. Right there, on the side of the road, was an injured dog limping his way into some thick bushes. It didn’t matter to the rescuers that they already had a carload, they pulled over. They approached the injured dog right away, hoping to keep him from going further into the scrub on the side of the road.

What happened next will make your day.


At first, when rescuers approached the dog, it seemed hesitant to leave the safety of the bushes. It didn’t take him long, though, to realize that this might be his last chance to get help. With a few clicks and assurances from the rescuer, he slowly started to limp his way out of the brush.

On the video posted at the bottom, you can clearly see when he gets out of the woods just how skinny the dog is, as well. The poor guy walked gently over to his rescuer, yet when he finally reached her, his entire demeanor changed.

Rescuers decided to name the ailing little guy Vlad. They loaded him into the car with the other rescue and rushed to get him to the doctor. The guy was in terrible shape.

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