Squirrel Taps Window Every Day — 8 Years On


Little squirrel for 8 years tried to make friends with the family that saved her. For long 8 years. The family rescued the injured squirrel Bella from death in the woods, and the animal was rewarded them getting back in touch with him for eight years. Protein does not just come for the refreshments; she sits on the lap of the owner.

A resident of South Carolina Brantley Harrison voluntarily taking animals to overexposure. She takes not only cats and dogs, but not quite Pets, for example, proteins. In the winter of 2009 the house of the girl they lived as much as four: Larry, Moe, Curly and Bella.

In the forest she was attacked by an owl, and with such severe wounds, Bella would not have survived in the woods alone. Along with relatives, it settled in a cage in the courtyard, where she lived for a few months, not doing anything unusual for proteins.