Someone Threw A Helpless Dog In The River


Watching this wonderful story of a man and his rescued dog, we can remember the stories of this kind. Beautifully told story shows the friendship between the man and his dog. Man found the dog accidentally after it was thrown into the river. The dog is full of gratitude and emotions but is not able to express them in words. This is what the dog could say to his owner if he could talk.
Everything we do over the years is highly appreciated by our close four-legged friends. They see our life events, our happiness and grief. We do not always see that but they cry when we cry and are happy when we are happy. Something very deep unites us with our dogs. They are here with us always and we are there with them though we never speak. It’s a pity that the day comes when we have to part, but all these moments will never go away from our hearts.