Somebody just wants his tummy tickled! Diver catches close encounter with friendly seal on underwater camera


A 2014 video of a diver giving a belly rub to an appreciative seal is seeing regained popularity thanks to a writeup this weekend in The Dodo.

The underwater footage shows diver Gary Grayson encountering an Atlantic gray seal in Great Britain’s Scilly Isles, according the video’s description on YouTube.

The seal swam up to Gary and touched its nose to his.

But when diver Gary Grayson was approached by a curious seal while diving in the Scilly Isles he wasn’t afraid or worried about being attacked- because he was just as curious about the little critter as the critter was about him.

Next thing you know the seal did something totally unexpected- he flipped over took hold of it and slowly pulled it to its stomach and asked Gary to rub his belly!

“It really shows how sweet, curious and dog-like seals are,” Ally McMillan, CEO of Seal Rescue Island, told the Huffington Post.

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