Soldier Nervously waits for Military Dog to Arrive on Airport. Then he Saw Her Running to Him.


She travels around the country, helping soldiers get their K9 back. Molly Oliver is an amazing woman who has become an example of human loyalty. Service breeds are a group of dogs capable to work in guard, search and similar types of services, to serve in police, to be a shepherd or a sled dog.

These include large, strong and hardy species, possessing the innate qualities of a watchdog in need of long walks and good physical training. They have a well-developed instinct of the guard the master himself, his house and grounds.

By nature, they are protective, but not aggressive, suspicious of outsiders and strangers, but respond well to training. For many years, herding breeds were used to work in the household, worked in pastures, where a herd of sheep and cattle were protected from predators.