Soldier Deployed 1 Yr Hides Under Blanket — Mom Films Dog’s Reaction To Finding Him.


The military returned home after 11 months of service, and decided to surprise my dog. The dog runs out of the room and starts to sniff all around. Then he finds its owner, and begins to get it out from under the blankets.

And then, when she realizes that the owner of the house, she rushes to him with all speed. Dog devotion is something that we usually do not doubt. However, devotion is different. One dog called corrupt as she is ready to beg for a sausage every guest in the house, the other admire, because she died on the grave of his master.

People usually romanticize the attachment of the dog, admire the dogs, like Hattiko, who every day ran to meet the host at the train station. But this dog is genuinely happy to see its owner.