Sick Stray Puppy Overjoyed When Firefighter Who Saved Her From Abuse Comes To Visit


Poor pooch was found tied up in the rain. Pup was very cold and sick but nobody cared. He was just abandoned this way and the only person who paid attention to unhappy creature was the firefighter Mike Thawley. This Man could not leave the puppy in trouble. The animal could die without interference of humans. His fate at that moment fully depended upon this kind person. Mike took the pup home, cleaned her and then took the poor girl to the shelter to provide all necessary medical assistance to her. The dog suffered from severe mange and was hairless on biggest part of her body. They dressed the dog to warm her up and protect the skin.
Sometimes the bond can be established within short period of time and this is the case with Chunkie and Mike Thawley. They were just a little together but formed a deep bond. The dog understood what man had done and was very thankful. Just look how she met him on the next day! Later he adopted this dog. Chunk has recovered and now she is a very beautiful doggy!