Sick of a Slobbery Tennis Ball?


My dog loves to play ball, and tennis balls are his weakness, but they are mine too. About five minutes into playing Sam’s tennis ball is slobbery and has everything from mud to grass and who knows what else.

I keep throwing that ball for the sake of Sam’s exercise and enjoyment plus the fun I have watching him fly across the field. He’s so fast and strong.

Sam is a medium sized dog with a lot of energy and is super strong. He needs to run and play a lot more than your average dog, and the thirty minutes I get a day of play time (walks not included) are a work out for me too. I’m sad to admit, my arm and shoulder have felt the strain of throwing that tennis ball like I just got done pitching 100 fastballs in the MLB rather than lobbing 25 or so meatballs in the dog park.

Slinging a Tennis Ball in the Park

I’ve seen some people with those scoop and sling devices, and so I decided to give one a try. They’re not hard to find, and I picked up a bright green one made by PetLogix called a Zinger. The park isn’t a far walk, and we set early on a Saturday to test out the new toy. At the park and armed with my – correction, Sam’s new toy – I loaded my first tennis ball and launched it! I over shot it, and the tennis ball came crashing down at my feet and swear that Sam lifted a confused eyebrow at me before bounded off to pick it up and bring it back to attempt number two.

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