Siberian Husky chills out in ice machine and becomes social media sensation


Some dog breeds are better prepared than others to deal with the cold. Siberian Huskies are a perfect example of that. Recently, a handsome Husky named Mako has achieved fame after doing one of the things he loves most.

Eric and Alice Rouse are the owners of Mako and live in Kinston, North Carolina. Like every day, the two took the pup out for a walk… After a little exercise in the hot sun, the Rouse returned home. The animal drank plenty of water and then disappeared, thinking that his owners wouldn’t notice his absence.

Eric noticed that the dog had gone to the garage and decided to investigate

The little dog opened the door of the ice machine with his nose and went inside. Eric smiled and called Alice, to make a video and immortalize the mischief of Mako.

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