Show This To Anyone Who Says Dogs Are Stupid


The dog very much wants to be admitted that even the bell rang, and the handle pulled. A Labrador Retriever named Lucy had enough and now wants to master let her into the house. She even pulled the door handle and the bell rang, but for some reason he does not open all…

Laying on the floor the bell, stir it, inviting the dog to play. When it’s nose or paw touches of the bell and encourage your dog shouting, “all right, call!”and a treat. Take the leash and call the dog for a walk – this should lead her into raptures. Stop at the door with a bell and give the command ” call!”.

It takes a lot of time, because the thought of a walk will not interfere with the dog’s focus. As soon as the dog touches the bell, immediately open the front of her door and go for a walk. In this trick, the promotion is a walk, not a treat, and you want the dog to understand it as quickly as possible.