Shelter Longest-Term Resident Cries All Day Hoping His Forever Family Will Hear Him


The owners left their dog named Juice at the Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center, in Derwood, Maryland when they moved to another place and could not take the dog with them. The story of Juice is very sad as the dog stayed at the shelter longer than its other residents. He was taken once by the person but it happened to the wrong match. He was returned to shelter in a couple of days. Then one of the staff took the dog for sleepover. he wanted to help the dog relax and get rest from the shelter but when he returned him to the kennel on the next day, poor dog perceived it badly. It started crying and cried this way for several hours. Miranda Hitchcock, who works at the shelter, posted this video to help Juice find his forever home.

Fortunately, after this video became viral, Juice was adopted by a very good couple.