Shelter Dog Was Depressed to Live


Volunteers from New Zealand found on the street a homeless pit bull. The dog was brought to the shelter. Her name is Nela. It is unknown why, but once in the shelter, Nela fell into a deep depression. A few days later, she was lying on the Mat and did not even raise his head. All this time, she tried to calm the owner of the orphanage EBI. Woman on a step not depart from the dog, trying to her in any way to help. But all was in vain. It seemed that the spark of life in a dog’s eyes faded. But there was something wonderful. In the shelter came 7-year-old son of the owner of the establishment. The boy went to his mother, who last days spent near the cage Nely, and then everyone gasped. Seeing the child, the dog immediately got up from his blanket and began to wag his tail. All were incredibly surprised by these events. Obviously, the animal sensed something familiar in this 7-year-old boy.