Shelter Dog “Thanks” New Owner For Adopting Him In Viral Photo Sweeping The Internet


When we see the pictures of all the shelter animals who have yet to find a home, it breaks our hearts. How can you not feel for these creatures? Every living creature deserves to find happiness, in our humble opinion. As someone who volunteers as a dog walker on a regular basis, Kayla sees dogs who are in this sort of position all of the time.

She volunteers with the ACCT in Philadelphia. This is a facility that provides shelter to various animals in the area. While the care that she provides is temporary, she aims to make a permanent impact on these animals’ lives. Kayla has seen a lot of dogs come and go in her time. There was just something about Russ that caught her eye, though.

When he first arrived at this location, he was a stray. The dog had clearly seen better days. He was very beat up and was extremely underweight. He only weighed 40 pounds when he first arrived at the shelter. Kayla could tell that Russ had been subjected to a lot of hard times throughout the course of his early life.

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