Shelter Dog Sees He’s Being Adopted


Benny’s 8-month-old pit bull, who has been in one of Gardina, California’s shelters since November of this year, has been at risk, as have all the rest of the infrequent abandoned dogs that will eventually be put to sleep if no one comes for them.

Within a few weeks, no one wanted to take this shy, but such a cute dog, until one day a miracle happened. 10 Dec life benny flipped when one family decided to pick up the puppy yourself. When an employee of the shelter went into the aviary to the dog to bring him out, benny began to lose his spot, but when he was released, he could not believe his happiness and could barely stand in one place.

Unfortunately, too many dogs left to sit in the cells until, until they are euthanized, instead of having to live in a loving family. If you have the choice to buy a purebred dog with a pedigree or give a chance for life thrown to the poor man, please, make no mistake.