Shelter Director Stops Dog From Being Euthanized


It seemed like when Starfish the dog was found, it seemed like there was no hope for her.

When she was found by a Good Samaritan it was believed that she had been crushed.

The puppy was found inside of a box but in an unnatural angle.

Still, the Good Samaritan rushed her to the veterinarian just to see if there was anything that could be done.

After examining the dog, the vet determined that there was nothing that could be done.

She would have to be put to sleep. Starfish was seconds away from being put down when the head of the animal shelter stepped in.

“One of the technicians had the needle in her hand, in complete tears. They were told the dog was crushed and had to be put down. The head of the shelter walked in and said ‘We’re going to get a second opinion this is a different story,’” Starfish’s future mom, Leigh Anne Gray, said.

They took the vet to a different vet.

The shelter director’s instincts were correct.

This veterinarian not only told them that Starfish could be saved but that she could actually be cured.

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