Sheepdog jumps fence to mate with another dog


American dog broke the world record for the number of puppies. Maremma-Abruzzi shepherd named Stella gave birth to as many as 17 babies. All the kids are alive, healthy and already pleased with hairy mom.

The baby was delivered by veterinarians from the clinic Barney & Russum Animal Clinic of Fairfield, CA.It was not only the largest in California litter, but also the biggest in the world among Maremm. Puppies – 11 boys and 6 girls will soon find their owners, they will Likely follow in the footsteps of mom and will protect the farm and livestock.

By the way, the world record for the birth of the largest number of puppies belongs to the American Foxhound named Lena. 19 June 1944 she has given birth to 23 your baby. And February 7, 1975 St. Bernard named Careless Ann from Lebanon also gave birth to 23 puppies.