She Tries To Rescue Giant Stray, But He Won’t Let Her. So She Sits With Him Till She Gains His Trust


This is the story of Arnie, a huge dog from Greece whose lonesome life consisted of wandering the streets of Athens. One night the dog was spotted by a girl who simply couldn’t take him off her mind. She was very disappointed in herself for not approaching the dog so she decided to get back to the place she first spotted the dog in hopes of seeing him again. When she got back, after 48 hours, the poor dog was lying near the gas station.

Gaining his trust wasn’t an easy task, but the girl wouldn’t quit trying, so at the end he let her approach closer. Once the dog was in safe hands, the rescuers took him at the vet’s office. Malnourished and underweight, it was obvious Arnie didn’t eat in days. They cleaned him from flees and treated the skin rash.

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