She Spent 12 Years In A Cage At The Puppy Mill


It is hard even to imagine how much pain this dog had in life. This is so sad and so unfair! Little Belle spent in a cage in a puppy mill long 12 years and did not even know that different life exists until the kindest woman on earth came to rescue her! Little Belle crossed the borders to live in her new family but she would cross the Galaxy for it as her new mom Irene is really amazing. She is an angel sent by God to the pooch who suffered so much. Irene made so much for the doggy, no other owner would do so much.
Little Belle passed through all hardships but remained strong and resilent despite circumstances. With good support if her mom and friends she continues to love this life because this is amazing. If there is some hell on earth, it is made by humans, but we should do everything to remove such places and prevent other tradegies and sad stories.
I could not stop crying watching this video. Prepare the tissue before watching this amazing story.