She Sees Frantic Dog Dart Into Trash Bin, Then Realizes What Cruel Owner Had Done


Dog with her puppy lived in a dumpster, but it helped! Selling your home in southern California, the owner Packed up his stuff and left. All except his pet. A small, frightened dog roamed the area, living off the waste and what it could produce on the site. She also was lucky enough to get pregnant.

Someone out of compassion built a makeshift booth for the mother and her puppies from a plastic garbage can laid on its side with a Board holding the door open. It is here that Eldad, Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli from Hope For Paws found her.

“It’s okay. All good” – quietly said Hager in videos on YouTube, approaching a snarling dog. It turned out that the dog had every reason not to be happy visitors. Local children, according to Hope For Paws, stole all her puppies (except one). She fiercely guarded her last child.