She asks her dog if he chewed on her glasses


Dogs become excellent companions for us and we never get bored when they are around. The owners adore their silly antics that lighten up mood immediately. Sometimes dogs are sly. And things mysteriously disappear after they enjoyed playing with them. The problem of lost socks, slippers, hair ties are known to all dog owners. Sometimes you do not recognize books or magazines after your four-legged friend “read” them. And what about vanished meal? It can disappear in an instant!
You will see what happened to Stephanie Lynn in this video. She had been looking for her spectacles for days and finally discovered her spectacles. But these were not spectacles any longer. The doggy chewed off the spectacles that had no glasses any longer. Woman decided to address the dog and its reaction was so funny when she beckons the pooch over,
She knew it was Roonie and the dog’s face says it all.