Service Dog Led Owner Into Woods, Revealed Cardboard Box Filled With Kittens


Banner, a three-year-old Siberian Husky is a medical/psychiatric service dog for her mom, Whitney Braley. Braley suffers from PTSD and often has anxiety attacks. Banner is always right by her side to help calm her down.

She also detects migraines, low and high blood pressure, slows down Braley’s heart-beat, and removes her from crowds, among many other things.

Banner is extremely loyal and loves to help all creatures, not just humans. When Banner knew animals were in need of help, she led Braley toward them into the woods.

Confused, Braley watched Banner circle around a cardboard box that was left in the middle of the woods. Braley gently opened the box and Banner immediately put her head in it and lifted something out.

In Banner’s mouth was a kitten! The kitten had been stuffed into the box with six of his siblings.

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