Senior Dog Without A Nose Found Wandering The Streets, Finds Family That Thinks She’s Perfecta


When animal control officers responded to a call from a Good Samaritan about a dog with a terrible facial injury wandering the streets in Kentucky, they were met with Mirabel, a nine-year-old Jack Russell terrier who was not only missing a nose, but her upper lip as well.

The poor thing was rushed to a vet, where medical staff determined she hadn’t actually been injured; rather, she most likely had a congenital abnormality – akin to having a cleft palate. They also believed Mirabel was most likely part of a puppy mill or backyard breeding operation.

Mirabel was in bad shape, with painful mammary tumors, an inguinal hernia, and dental issues. But despite all her difficulties, she remained in good spirits, and was soon transferred to the Woodstock Animal Foundation (WAF).

WAF posted Mirabel’s story on Facebook, and soon, they raised around $6,000 in donation – far more than the goal that was needed to pay for all of her medical bills.

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