Senior Dog Who Always Got Left Behind on Adoption Day Finally Gets Adopted!


Every year millions of homeless animals are caught and euthanized all over the world. According to the American animal protection organization The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), only in the United States every year about 4 million dogs and cats are subjected to euthanasia — these are those who did not wait for their owner.

When people are going to take a dog, they often face a choice: to buy an expensive pedigree dog or to take a friend from the street or from volunteers? Teddy is a mixture of an Australian shepherd dog, an Australian shepherd dog and a Golden Retriever.

The hostess took him from the shelter on his 25th anniversary, and you just see how his look has changed since then. What could be better than such a gift? Taking the dog from the shelter, you should be sure that it is needed/liked by all members of your family, residents of the apartment, friends on whom you will leave the dog during departure. it’s not hard — you just have to discuss it openly and explain how often to walk with dogs and how to take care of them