Senior Dog Grabs Leash


Cheddar, the sweet golden retriever, had the best life ever for eight happy years. He lived with the same family who cherished him and lived a cushy life most pups dream of. But Cheddar’s world was turned upside down when one of his owners was diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, the family no longer had the time or resources to care for Cheddar well enough, so they put him up for adoption. He found his new fur-ever home quickly – but then the new owners noticed a bizarre behavioral pattern…

There are just some people, places and animals that we feel connected to for no reason at all. For Cheddar, that was something he felt when standing next to his next door neighbor. Their bond began when Cheddar and his new owners were taking a stroll around the neighborhood one day. The couple stopped to say hello to their elderly neighbors, and that’s when Cheddar noticed the woman, Jean. The bouncy senior pup wouldn’t leave Jean’s side and now the two are best friends! Cheddar demands he and his new owners visit Jean every day – and throws a fit when they don’t.

No one knows why Cheddar loves Jean so much, but she feels honored to be the apple of the golden retriever’s eye! Cheddar’s owner told The Dodo, “When it’s been more than a few days and we haven’t seen her, Cheddar is particularly vocal when we visit next. He knows exactly what street they are on and in fact, even if we don’t head there, he insists on it by pulling on the leash and trying to turn in that direction.” It’s obvious Cheddar and Jean share an unspoken bond, and Cheddar will be by her side until his last breath! Learn more about their adorable friendship in the video below!