Senior Blind Pit Bull Lived In Junkyard


Hope For Paws is a non-profit organization that has made a name for itself by working towards the welfare and rescue of stray dogs or other needy animals. The most wonderful part about them is how they never back down from a challenge, no matter how impossible the situation might seem. These rescuers are ready to give it their all, which is why they deserve everyone’s respect. The following video shows a very heartwarming rescue.

They got a call from a junkyard. An employee there had seen a senior blind dog walk into the property. She had given him some food and water, but she desperately wanted the rescue to come for the dog before her boss came to the junkyard. The rescuers quickly went to the scene, where they were met with a sad sight. The poor dog was scared, filthy and in dire need of help. They wasted no time in getting him on the Lucky Leash and taking him with them.

They knew he needed immediate medical attention. At the vet’s clinic, they discovered that he had a host of medical issues, including tumors, corneal ulcers, periodontal disease and skin infection. After they gave him a bath, he looked much better. He was the sweetest dog ever, never missing a chance to cuddle with his rescuers. He is slowly getting better, and is finally enjoying in his foster home. He needs a forever home with owners that will love him despite his conditions.

Check out the full video below: