Seeing Eye Dog Sneakily Guides Mom Into Favorite Pet Store


I had a guide dog for over ten years. This story totally resonates with me. My pooch used to pull the same sly little tricks as Thai. But despite their conniving and scheming ways, these dogs still get the job done.

Danielle Sykora was introduced to her guide dog, Thai four years ago. Since then, Thai has his own ideas of what his job involves. He’s unafraid to go after what he wants, especially if treats are included. This usually means bending the rules of his occupation just a bit.

Danielle and Thai love heading home to New Jersey for the weekends. She’s a student at Delaware Valley University in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Danielle and her sister, Michele, love heading to the mall for a little shopping. Thai on the other hand, has his own agenda once they arrive.

On one particular trip, Danielle’s dad accompanied her and Thai to the mall. He noticed a pet supply store called Cool Dog Gear; Danielle was unaware of it, but Thai loved visiting this store.

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