Scared Shelter Dog Can’t Fall Asleep Until He’s Tucked In Every Night


Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in New York has been home to two-year-old Prince the Pit Bull since April.

While shelters can be a stressful environment for animals, Prince’s story only made matters worse for him. Prince’s owner could no longer care for him, so he gave him to his girlfriend. While she was out for a walk with Prince, he slipped out of his collar and ran away.

That’s when animal control found him and brought him to the shelter. They finally tracked down Prince’s owner, who said she would come and pick him up, but she never did. Poor Prince sat at the shelter, scared and confused as to why his owners had abandoned him there.

But scared is an understatement. The shelter says that Prince was initially scared of everything and took a long time to warm up to staff. He spent his time curled up in the back of his kennel and would cringe and shake whenever anyone came near him.

But although Prince was so afraid, shelter staff refused to give up on him. They knew there would have to be something to calm Prince’s nerves. That’s when they realized the one thing that would help him: tucking him in every night.

A staff member was cuddling with him in his kennel and put a blanket on him. Prince took a sigh of relief and instantly seemed more at ease. This blanket became his (literal) security blanket. From that point on, every staff member would take turns tucking him in every single night.

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